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Overview / København / Sokkelund / Sankt Johannes parish / Churchbooks
Church Books in Sankt Johannes parish
   Book typeFrom YearTo YearSource TypesDescriptionStatusNo. PagesRecorded EntriesRecorded NamesDataentry Complete
Hovedministerialbog18611869 Born Fødte Mænd Open 347308212119100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18611873 Marriage New edition Open 3581440.56%
Kontraministerialbog18611869 Born New edition, Kvinder Open 355310412388100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18611879 Dead New edition, Kvinder Open 3593230.56%
Kontraministerialbog18611869 Born New edition, Mænd Open 35913116100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18611879 Dead New edition, Mænd Open 3581681.40%
Kontraministerialbog18621878 Confirmation New edition, Piger Open 376260.53%
Kontraministerialbog18691874 Born New edition Kvinder Open 38313269100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18691874 Born New edition Mænd Open 38113315100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18731880 Marriage New edition Open 38901602.83%
Kontraministerialbog18741879 Born New edition Kvinder Open 38504013100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18741878 Born New edition Mænd Open 38924024100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18781891 Confirmation New edition Open 35801390.00%
Kontraministerialbog18781882 Born New edition Mænd Open 37924038100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18791891 Confirmation New edition Open 2900940.00%
Kontraministerialbog18791883 Born New edition Kvinder Open 38704057100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18791884 Dead New edition, Døde mænd Open 1800362.22%
Hovedministerialbog18801885 Marriage Open 3840380.78%
Kontraministerialbog18801885 Marriage New edition Open 39041102.05%
Kontraministerialbog18801885 Dead New edition, Døde kvinder Open 188000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18821886 Born New edition - Fødte mandkøn Open 45234647100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18831886 Born New edition - Fødte kvindekøn Open 38214037100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18841891 Dead New edition, Døde mænd Open 2541421.18%
Kontraministerialbog18851890 Marriage New edition Open 385080.00%
Kontraministerialbog18851891 Dead New edition Open 242140.00%
Kontraministerialbog18861889 Born New edition, Kvindekøn Open 38024082100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18861889 Born New edition, Mænd Open 43214608100.00%
Hovedministerialbog18881892 Confirmation Open 36000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18891891 Born New edition, Kvinder Open 24802645100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18891891 Born New edition, Mænd Open 26022763100.00%
Hovedministerialbog18891891 Confirmation Piger Open 43002.33%
Kontraministerialbog18901891 Marriage New edition Open 1090361.83%
Kontraministerialbog18911891 Dead New edition Mænd Open 1204025.00%
Kontraministerialbog18921894 Marriage Open 3060302.29%
Kontraministerialbog18921898 Confirmation Drenge Open 3050561.31%
Kontraministerialbog18921893 Born Kvinder Open 31211815100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18921894 Dead Kvinder Open 312061.28%
Kontraministerialbog18921893 Born Mænd Open 30601812100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18921894 Dead Mænd Open 306097654.58%
Kontraministerialbog18921897 Confirmation Piger Open 3040801.97%
Kontraministerialbog18931896 Born Kvinder Open 41302830100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18931896 Born Mænd Open 4051281299.75%
Kontraministerialbog18941897 Marriage Open 3531482.27%
Kontraministerialbog18941899 Dead Kvinder Open 3041905.59%
Kontraministerialbog18941899 Dead Mænd Open 356181.40%
Kontraministerialbog18961900 Born Kvinder Open 35802444100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18961899 Born Mænd Open 40912786100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18971900 Marriage Open 3560231.97%
Kontraministerialbog18971903 Confirmation Piger Open 3020480.66%
Kontraministerialbog18981904 Confirmation Drenge Open 30201130.99%
Kontraministerialbog18991913 Dead Kvinder Open 3060442.61%
Kontraministerialbog19001905 Marriage Open 3611342.22%
Kontraministerialbog19001907 Born Kvinder Open 4130318699.76%
Kontraministerialbog19001906 Born Mænd Open 40413177100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19001916 Dead Mænd Open 3051311.31%
Kontraministerialbog19031911 Confirmation Piger Open 301000.33%
Kontraministerialbog19051912 Marriage Open 3080201.62%
Kontraministerialbog19051912 Confirmation Drenge Open 2510960.80%
Kontraministerialbog19071919 Born Kvinder Open 38422994100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19071919 Born Mænd Open 4051317599.75%
Kontraministerialbog19111917 Marriage Open 3061181.31%
Kontraministerialbog19111920 Confirmation Piger Open 254001.57%
Kontraministerialbog19121922 Confirmation Drenge Open 2570183.11%
Kontraministerialbog19131929 Dead Kvinder Open 2890624.15%
Kontraministerialbog19161929 Dead Mænd Open 2121183.77%
Kontraministerialbog19171922 Marriage Open 3280362.44%
Kontraministerialbog19191938 Born Mænd Open 40922910100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19201937 Confirmation Open 2561192.73%
Kontraministerialbog19201938 Born Kvinder Open 37702676100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19221931 Marriage Open 3321362.11%
Kontraministerialbog19221946 Confirmation Open 297142.02%
Kontraministerialbog19301940 Dead Kvinder Open 205022.44%
Kontraministerialbog19301946 Dead Mænd Open 37313105334.58%
Kontraministerialbog19321942 Marriage Open 312002.24%
Kontraministerialbog19371959 Confirmation Open 253001.98%
Kontraministerialbog19391946 Born Kvinder Open 386527515.28%
Kontraministerialbog19391946 Born Mænd Open 40421458.66%
Kontraministerialbog19411955 Dead Kvinder Open 3891463.08%
Kontraministerialbog19431952 Marriage Open 332001.51%
Kontraministerialbog19461988 Confirmation Open 154003.25%
Kontraministerialbog19461957 Born Mænd Open 4040172.97%
Kontraministerialbog19461959 Dead Mænd Open 399152421.30%
Kontraministerialbog19471957 Born Kvinder Open 387061.81%
Kontraministerialbog19531965 Marriage Open 209002.39%
Kontraministerialbog19561979 Dead Kvinder Open 2700241.85%
Kontraministerialbog19581968 Born Kvinder Open 101003.96%
Kontraministerialbog19581968 Born Mænd Open 1351104.44%
Kontraministerialbog19601988 Confirmation Open 1504366.67%
Kontraministerialbog19601974 Dead Mænd Open 28611672100.00%
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