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Overview / København / Sokkelund / Blaagaards parish / Churchbooks
Church Books in Blaagaards parish
   Book typeFrom YearTo YearSource TypesDescriptionStatusNo. PagesRecorded EntriesRecorded NamesDataentry Complete
Kontraministerialbog19051915 Marriage Open 2020101.49%
Kontraministerialbog19051916 Born Completed 304238013551100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19051917 Dead Open 2011733.48%
Kontraministerialbog19051943 Confirmation Open 2878251.39%
Kontraministerialbog19151923 Marriage Open 202021.49%
Kontraministerialbog19151926 Born Open 20821015100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19161926 Born Open 2081998100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19161925 Dead kvinder Open 153061.96%
Kontraministerialbog19171928 Dead mænd Open 153282.61%
Kontraministerialbog19231943 Marriage Open 204012.45%
Kontraministerialbog19251936 Dead Open 2040391.96%
Kontraministerialbog19261938 Born kvinder Open 2070194.83%
Kontraministerialbog19261938 Born mænd Open 2100976100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19281941 Dead døde mænd Open 204122.45%
Kontraministerialbog19361948 Dead døde kvinder Open 205081.95%
Kontraministerialbog19381954 Born kvinder Open 3050154.59%
Kontraministerialbog19381954 Born mænd Open 3020446.62%
Kontraministerialbog19411972 Dead Completed 27212374009100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19431989 Confirmation Completed 1066932059100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19441980 Marriage Open 16101144100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19481989 Dead Open 20212237614.36%
Kontraministerialbog19541983 Born kvinder Open 780272100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19541982 Born mænd Open 810288100.00%
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