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Overview / Tønder / Tønder / Tønder parish / Churchbooks
Church Books in Tønder parish
   Book typeFrom YearTo YearSource TypesDescriptionStatusNo. PagesRecorded EntriesRecorded NamesDataentry Complete
Hovedministerialbog16531726 Born New edition Open 4250140.24%
Hovedministerialbog17261733 Born New edition Open 46000.00%
Hovedministerialbog17331763 Born New edition Open 254000.00%
Hovedministerialbog17401763 Dead New edition Open 44000.00%
Hovedministerialbog17421763 Dead New edition Open 23000.00%
Kontraministerialbog17631795 Born, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 5807340.00%
Hovedministerialbog17681791 Confirmation New edition Open 101110.00%
Kontraministerialbog17871840 Born New edition Open 3910301.02%
Kontraministerialbog17881847 Dead New edition Open 3895150.00%
Hovedministerialbog17951842 Born New edition Open 90000.00%
Hovedministerialbog17961820 Confirmation New edition Open 133000.00%
Hovedministerialbog17961868 Confirmation New edition Open 137000.00%
Kontraministerialbog17961907 Marriage New edition Open 404000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18401888 Born New edition Open 44005564100.00%
Hovedministerialbog18421869 Born New edition Open 98001.02%
Kontraministerialbog18471944 Dead Open 3891316952.44%
Hovedministerialbog18491860 Confirmation New edition Open 9063100.00%
Hovedministerialbog18511870 Confirmation New edition Open 153001.96%
Hovedministerialbog18601904 Confirmation New edition Open 125000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18691903 Born New edition Open 1000162.00%
Hovedministerialbog18711904 Confirmation New edition Open 100000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18881924 Born Open 38814657100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19051938 Confirmation Open 152010.66%
Kontraministerialbog19081947 Marriage Open 2510361.59%
Kontraministerialbog19241939 Born Open 33411761100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19381964 Confirmation Open 2291203.06%
Kontraministerialbog19391951 Born Open 34121803100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19441961 Dead Open 29211403100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19481967 Marriage Open 196013.57%
Kontraministerialbog19511964 Born Open 22601286100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19611978 Dead Open 1621762100.00%
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