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Transcription of Churchbooks

This pages shows transcriptions of churchbooks done directly via Danish Family Search. In order to participate in this project we require a certain knowledge of danish, therefore instructions are in danish only.
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Completed Churchbooks

  CountyHundredParishChurchbook# of entries# of peopleCompleted by
Page size:
 1083 items in 37 pages
ÅrhusHadsTorrild1949-19905532722Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHadsØrting1916-19297023502Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHadsØrting1930-19498934513Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHadsØrting1950-19694942403Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleChristians1960-19641587Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleHasle1959-1971124744Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleLangenæs1966-19793671404Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleMøllevang1959-19661471025Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleMøllevang1959-19713471037Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleMøllevang1959-19672931753Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleMøllevang1969-19724331566Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleRisskov1960-1969123725Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleRisskov1969-19752492Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleSankt Johannes1960-1973295883Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleSankt Johannes1960-19642341199Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleSankt Lukas1960-1972256766Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleSankt Lukas1960-1965107750Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleSankt Markus1958-19767342186Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleSankt Markus1969-198246176Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleSankt Pauls1964-196914925636Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleTilst1965-197161227Jens Bindløv
ÅrhusHasleVor Frue1959-19744101221Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleVor Frue1946-1948167538Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleVor Frue1946-1947208496Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleVor Frue1947-194715Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleVor Frue1960-19721631135Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleVor Frue1956-196313214940Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleVor Frue1964-19728123010Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleÅrhus Domsogn1938-194718866712Flemming W. Jensen
ÅrhusHasleÅrhus Domsogn1948-195817656574Flemming W. Jensen
  YearTypeNameSexAgeBorn YearMarital statusParish/Hundred/CountyPlacenameDate enteredTranscribed by
Page size:
 250 items in 25 pages
1757Engaged (Groom)Lauritz MadsenM   Lumby, Lunde, OdenseLumbye, Lumby sogn, Lunde Herred, Odense Amt10/2/2023Fern Law
1757Engaged (Bride)Maren RasmusdatterF   Lumby, Lunde, OdenseLumbye, Lumby sogn, Lunde Herred, Odense Amt10/2/2023Fern Law
1757Engaged (Groom)Hans PedersenM   Lumby, Lunde, OdenseTaarup, Lumby sogn, Lunde herred, Odense Amt10/2/2023Fern Law
1757Engaged (Bride)Maren KnudsdatterF   Lumby, Lunde, OdenseAnderup, Lumby sogn, Lunde herred, Odense amt10/2/2023Fern Law
1757Born Knud Pedersen KirtingeM01757 Lumby, Lunde, Odense 10/2/2023Fern Law
1757Born (Father)Peder Knudsen KirtingeM   Lumby, Lunde, OdenseStege, Lumby sogn, Lunde Herred, Odense Amt10/2/2023Fern Law
1757Born (Godparents)??F  MarriedLumby, Lunde, Odense 10/2/2023Fern Law
1757Born (Godparents)Hans JensenM   Lumby, Lunde, Odense 10/2/2023Fern Law
1757Born (Godparents)Jørgen ChristesenM   Lumby, Lunde, Odense 10/2/2023Fern Law
1757Born (Godparents)??F  MarriedLumby, Lunde, Odense 10/2/2023Fern Law




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