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Personal Data Act and presentation of information on living persons

Processing of information in connection with genealogy research may in principle only take place if the rules in the Personal Data Act are complied with. When a genealogist makes a list of people, for example in the form of a family tree, a processing of personal data is carried out. The term 'processing' is used as a collective term for all forms of handling of personal data, e.g. registration, storage, systematization and disclosure.
The Personal Data Act does not apply to persons' handling of information in connection with the performance of activities of a purely private nature. As long as genealogy is conducted as a private activity, it falls outside the area of the Personal Data Act, e.g. if a person researches genealogy solely for the sake of own interest as a regular leisure activity. If information is passed on to a wider audience, the activity cannot be said to be of a purely private nature.
Disclosure of the information to persons within the family will not be a disclosure to a wider circle - and the genealogist's processing of personal information will therefore not be covered by the Personal Data Act. It is also the Data Inspectorate's opinion that, for example, a family tree with quite insensitive (simpel) information such as names, year of birth and year of death can be published on the Internet without consent. Read more on



In order to to display records with names that may contain living persons, you must do the following:

1. Be a registered user of Danish Family Search.

2. Acknowledge that all searches and presentations of persons found on Danish Family Search are carried out as a purely private activity in connection with your own or family genealogy research.

3. Acknowledge that information found on Danish Family Search may be covered by the Personal Data Act, and publication of personal data for living persons may require the consent of the registered persons.


f you are not a registered user of Danish Family Search, names of persons born after 1908 will not be displayed.


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