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Rigsarkivet Danske Slægtsforskere Danish Family Search
Danish Family Search, Danske Slægtsforskere and the Danish National Archives have joined forces to hold a competition for dataentry from the census 1906. Throughout the month of June, all members of Danish Family Search will participate in the competition if new records from the 1906 census are transscribed.


The purpose of the competition is to record as many entries entered from the 1906 census which is currently reserved for dataentry through Danish Family Search at the Danish National Archives. So far, a total of 809,609 records out of the 2,588,919 people Denmark had in 1906 have been transscribed. That's equivalent to 31.27% completed, and the goal is of course to get to 100%. All dataentries are sent to the Danish National Archives, which will store them together with the original documents in all eternity.

How do you participate?

You enter the competition by entering as many error-free records from the 1906 census as possible, in the period from June 1 to June 30, 2020. Only full dataentries are valid, not indexes. In order to enter records, you must be a member of Danish Family Search, otherwise we cannot see who entered the records. You do not have to be a paying member of Danish Family Search in order to enter records. Only 1 active reservation can be made per member of the 1906 census, so you cannot reserve all the sources for yourself.

How to find the census 1906?

On the page one can see all the sources for the 1906 census distributed by counties. Under the field 'coverage' you can see how much of the county has already been entered. Some counties are already entered on all available sources, such as Holbæk, Ringkøbing, Roskilde, while other counties have only a few parishes entered. Choose the county and parish that interests you most, and during each entry you can press 'New dataentry' and enter the records that are on the original.
Watch this video how to enter records (in Danish):
At the bottom of this page you will continuously see the position of the participants.


Based on the number of error-free entries made during the period from June 1 to June 30, 2020, there are the following prizes for the first 3 places:

1. Place

  • Gift voucher of DKK 1,000.
  • 1 year paid membership to Danish Family Search.
  • 1 year paid membership to Danske Slægtsforskere.
  • Special invitation to the Danish National Archives for the next Volunteer Day.

2. Place

  • Gift voucher of DKK 500.
  • 1 year paid membership to Danish Family Search.
  • The book "Slægtshistoriske Temaer" by Kathrine Tobiasen, donated by Danske Slægtsforskere
  • The book by Margit Mogensen: "Husene på Slotsholmen", about the historic buildings in which the Danish National Archives have housed for centuries. Donated by the Danish National Archives.
Slægtshistoriske temaer

3. Place

  • Gift voucher of DKK 300.
  • 1 year paid membership to Danish Family Search.
  • The book "Find din familie, Slægtens gåder i 1900 tallet" by Per Andersen, donated by Danske Slægtsforskere.
  • National Archive mug, umbrella and badge, all donated by the Danish National Archives.
Find din familie, Slægtens gåder i 1900 tallet

Danske Slægtsforskere

The Danish Genealogy Society (Danske Slægtsforskere) supports this competition, as it will contribute to a significant improvement in the search possibilities during a period when the sources are otherwise less easily accessible. The Danish Genealogy Society hopes that many of their 8,000 members around the country will support the initiative so that we can reach the goal of a fully entered census for 1906.

Danish National Archives

Every day, year-round, hard-fought Cultural Heritage heroes are working hard to transscribe even more of the old Danish censuses, making them searchable and readable for everyone. With this competition, it is hoped that even more people choose to join and enjoy the work of a historical source, and by making a difference for themselves and other genealogists and researchers, in common with others. Great prizes are at stake, so it's just about hitting the keyboard and start transscribing.

DataEntries from the 1906 census made in June 2020

Janne Birkedal1133
Jette Ejlskov Toftegaard Pedersen729
Grethe Bremer705
Lise Marie Sørensen610
Line Kammer Madsen478
Benny Mortensen433
Inge Kristensen347
Jens Steen-Jørgensen322
Flemming W. Jensen221
Karin Andersen218
Nanna Iversen208
Gitte Samsøe136
Bente Pedersen135
Santina Hergott112
Charlotte Sundvall101
Laila Valbjørn Johnsen80
Charlotte Pedersen41
Anne Sofie Devantier34
Mette Borchert Vahlun9
Inge Astrup7
Anette Nielsen3
Jeanni Jørgensen2