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Maren Wibekes and Niels Larsen Juel

An Inquest was called d 6 December 1852 after Carl Frederik Jorgensen also called Frederik Bjælkehoved had died. Several injuries on his head had caused suspicion. Chief of Police visited Øster Skovgård to interrogate the deceased wife.

Maren's son Niels who at the time was 29 years old, revealed that Carl had fallen from his horse three weeks prior, being drunk on the way back from Nakskov. He was found in a ditch by Lars Fisker from Dannemare who had also taken him home.

Maren told the same story. But the matter did not end there, as Jens Porse, Jens Pedersen and Hans Madsen, all of whom were smallholders came forward to tell that Carl had been afraid that his wife and stepson would kill him.

Maren and Niels was then led to Nakskov where they were accused of beating Carl to death, but they both denied. After two months Maren admitted it was her son who was behind the murder. Niels was terribly sad to hear the mother's admission and revealed that they had both taken equally part in the murder.

Niels had a late night, when Carl had to go to the toilet, hidden in the kitchen. With a mallet he hit Carl in the head. Maren and Niels had then put a noose around the neck of Carl until he was no longer breathing .

When Maren heard Niels' statement she confessed.

And so they both ended at Sølvbjerghøj under the executioner's axe January 3, 1854. They were buried in the same place, next to the infamous "Handskemagerbanden" (Glover gang).

Sølvbjerghøj where the infamous "Handskemagerbande" (The Glovemaker gang) was also executed