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The beheading of Ane Catrine on Brune Bakke

Ane Catrine Nielsdatter Bjerregaard was only 20 years old when she March 14, 1814 was led to the scaffold on Brune Bakke In Hobro. She was beheaded publicly which should stand as a warning to others.

She was furthermore burned at the stake and did not get a burial in consecrated ground, which no doubt was a great sorrow for the family. The young woman had been maid at one of the city's merchants.

She had stolen a piece of fabric which she wanted to make a dress from. When the merchant discovered the theft Ane Catrine probably panicked fearing she would lose her job. In desperation she lit a fire in the backyard of the merchant's store. A total of 9 farms and houses in Adel Street burned to the ground. Despite the fact that no one was hurt, Ane Catrine was sentenced to death a year later. She sought a pardon by King Frederik 6 but this was rejected.

The story goes that Ane Catrines father traveled from Foulum to be with her daughter in her last hours, but he did not make it, he saw the smoke from the pyre from the outskirts of Hobro.

Nordjysk Stiftstidende 9. marts 2014
Ane Catrine