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Magrethe Jochumsdatter executed in Storvorde

Thursday, 24 Sept 1750 Margrethe Jochumsdatter of Storvorde was executed. She was convicted of having a child with her sisters (Sarah) husband Michael Jensen. She had given birth in concealment and had soon after killed the child, carried it up the cemetery and hidden it under the turf in a tomb that was a few days old. The child was born approx. a month before Christmas in 1749, but was not found before 23 Maj 1750. Dogs had eaten the child and only bones were left, which were identified as the leg bones of a child.

Margrethe was arrested and sentenced to death by axe but was executed with sword. She was graciously allowed to be buried, but without Ceremony. The child’s father was also be sentenced to death by sword, but was pardoned by the king and instead was sentenced to life with hard labour.

It was not just the wretched Margrethe, Michael Jensen was having an affair with, he was Publicly Absolved in 1750 after having had a relationship with the parish clerk's daughter Mette Kirstine Nielsdatter Falch, who served at the rectory.

On October 11 bachelor Laurs Nielsen Gunner admitted to have had a relationship (obscene acts) with the executed.

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Sources: Church book from Storvorde parish 1750
Executed by Sword
Executed by sword

The Church book
Magrethe's story from the Churchbook 1750