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Birgitte Harris
9 Jun 2022 - 00:41

Can I please have help reading the birth record for Niels Christensen?  Thank you mvh Birgitte

Karin Andersen
10 Jun 2022 - 01:27:53
Svar: Niels Christensen born 1758


The date is hard to read. It will be between the date Dom Reminiscere (February 19th) and Dom 2 p(ost) Pash (Marts 27th) and as far as I can see it looks like Skær Torsdag which is on Marts 23th.

Christen Smeds søn Niels.

Rasmus Thens hustr, (Rasmus Thens wife (carried the child))

Fad (Sponsers) Anders Ladefoged, Peder Svendsen, Niels

Mortensen, Mette Anders Datter, Karen

Christens Datter.

Kind Regards