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Magnus P
17 May 2022 - 00:08


I'm struggling to read the mothers name for Christian Peter Wilhelm Vogt's birth record for :

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Claus Reinholdt
17 May 2022 - 06:47:40
Svar: Christian Peter Wilhelm Vogt
This is German handwriting in a Danish church book (Saint Petri/Petrus's/Peter's Church is or was a German church in Copenhagen).

No. 7. Den 3" Junii 1820, 1½ Jahr alt. Christian Peter Wilhelm Vogt. Sonntag, den 20" Januarii 1822. Fridrich Christopher Vogt, Kleinschmiedmeister, Clara gebohrne Tammp. 1, 2, die Eltern, grosse Ulkenstraße No. 140. 3, Jungfrau Louise Agathe Hammer, Secretairs Tochter.

Nr. 7. Born June 3rd, 1820, 1½ year old. Christian Peter Wilhelm Vogt. Baptized Sunday, the 20th of January, 1822. Fridrich Christopher Vogt, Klejnsmedemester, Clara born Tammp. 1, 2, the parents, store Ulkegade nr. 140. 3, virgin Louise Agathe Hammer, secretary's daughter.

A "Klejnsmed" is a smith who works fine works of iron, exempli gratia a locksmith. A "Klejnsmedemester" (master) is a fully educated smith. It also implies that he is an employer of trainee smiths. The word doesn't seem to exist in English. It literally means small-smith.
Magnus P
17 May 2022 - 21:02:58
Svar: Christian Peter Wilhelm Vogt


Very impressive, thank you.


Magnus P
17 May 2022 - 22:23:57
Svar: Christian Peter Wilhelm Vogt

I am trying to find birth and parental information on Clara Famp (also appears as Clara Tammp or Clara Fam in other entries).

Her marriage to Martin in entry 20...

Unable to locate any Fam, Tammp or Famp families in Denmark or Germany so stuck!

Claus Reinholdt
18 May 2022 - 14:40:15
Svar: Christian Peter Wilhelm Vogt
I actually read her name as Fammp at first, but changed it since I couldn't find anyone by that name. The priest is writing F and T almost identical, so it's very hard to tell any difference.

Look at nr. 35 and 37 here:

Eduard Theodor Theylland and Otto Christian Fridrich Müller. The T in Theodor and F in Fridrich are identical, except maybe an extra curl on the F.

And by the way, the father's surname is probably more likely to be Vögt, even though it's indexed as Vogt. German Vogt/Danish Foged/Latin Prætorius means bailiff.

The marriage you found is only 3 consecutive announcements in the church (if anyone wanted to object to their marriage, like: speak now or forever hold your peace).
20. Den 14", 22" Maii und 28" Maii werden aufbebothen: der
Wittwer Martin Fridrich Vögt, Kleinschmiedmeister, gebürtig aus Stettin,
36 Jahr alt, Ulkenstraße No. 140, aus der
Jungfrau Clara Tamp, 26 Jahr alt, verstorbenen Lackenhändlers Tochter
in Christianshafen, wohnt beym Bräutigam.

Vor den Bräutigam, Wilhelm Georg Wille, Tischlermeister, Academiestraße No. 283.
Vor die Braut, A. Erichsen, Bötchermeister, grosse Strandstraße No. 102.

They were married June 2nd, 1820:,73888678