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Tamara Coghlan
6 Aug 2020 - 10:23

They are last couple on the page.  Could you please help me translate information about them.  I believe it gives ages and birthdates.? and for her possible vaccination date.. but I'm not sure if I'm getting the words right.  Thank you. Tamara


Henry Ammitzbøll
6 Aug 2020 - 11:03:07
Svar: Poul Larssen and Maren Jensdatter

separated Poul Larssen farmer in Brønderslev. He is 62½ years old as baptized in Serritslev Church 2. Aug. 1778. Confirmed at the same place and has had the natural Children's Cups. Twice married before. Grant for new marriage has been granted to him under 23 Decbr. 1841

Widow Maren Jensdatter serving the Groom. She is 40½ years old, as baptized in Emb Church 4 May 1801, vacc. by Væsted 1812 - and confirmed in Vraae Church 1815. Her first husband was named Anders Andersen and lived in Serritslev parish as a lodger