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Tamara Coghlan
5 Jul 2020 - 23:48

Can you please help confirm parents names and if it lists where they were from.  Also child's name Ane Catherine or Christine?    Thank you.

Hjørring / Hvetbo / Saltum parish / Churchbooks / Churchbook 1830 - 1843 Saltum, Ny udgave / Page No. 62 - Born Women 1836

Line 13

Britta Hansen
6 Jul 2020 - 00:34:36
Svar: Ane Catherine Jacobsen

Ane Chatrine Jacobsdatter *29.7.1836

Quinden Ane Katrine Christensdatter i Farup[Fårup in the parish]

Udlagt til barnefader Jacob Andersen .....

Census 1840 Hjørring, Hvetbo, Saltum, Faarup mother + child living in her father's house

The parents were married - Census 1845 in Saltum - the marriage 5.7.1840 Saltum - he was working at Hammelmose, an estate in Tise Parish, Børglum, Hjørring (the daughter's baptism entry said Hammelse)