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Help finding your ancestors 7429 Thomas Salting i Svar: Hans Peter Carstensen og Mary w...
Dato 25 Jul 2021 00:14:52
  In this group you can ask for help finding your ancestors.    
Help in transcription of records 2156 Barbara Ethington i Svar: Notation on Baptism Record
Dato 25 Jul 2021 05:41:27
  In this group, transcribers can get help reading the original records. Questions related to the transcription system are also welcome.    
Interpretation help 3809 Barbara Ethington i Notation on Baptism Record
Dato 25 Jul 2021 05:45:30
  In this group you can get help transcribing churchbooks, censuses, military levying rolls etc.    
The Danesbase 90 Bente Pedersen i Svar: Karl Rasmussen har fået sin mod...
Dato 22 Jul 2021 17:47:02
  This group is for those who have questions about the Danish base.    
The Family Database 99 Bente Pedersen i Svar: nye fam. linier
Dato 22 Jul 2021 17:56:12
  In this group you can get help in using the Family Database.    
Techincal assistance 1320 Bengt Bolinder i Svar: 3 poster er blevet registreret ...
Dato 11 Jul 2021 12:00:08
  In this group you can get technical assistance in the use of Danish Family Search.    
The Street Project 89 Inge Seidelin i Sankt Hans Gade
Dato 12 Jun 2021 14:16:56
  Everything about the Street Project currently running in BETA on Danish Family Search.