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Is it free to use Danish Family Search?

Yes it is free and will remain so. It is a requirement from the State archive that data is freely available.

Do you have permission from the State Archive to use the data?

Yes we have a written permission from the State Archive to use the data.

I have found and error in the transcribed data, what do I do?

 We distinguish between interpretation errors and data entry errors. If the church books are transcribed correctly we can make a correction to the search fields. If it's an interpretation error we would like to correct. If the data is transcribed at the National Archives (which all censuses are) we recommend these are also contacted.

I can't open a original pages?

Click the botton "open image file" this will force the system to pick up a new version of the image. If that doesn't work please make an error report via the system or send us an email.