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Overview / Frederiksborg / Holbo / Helsinge parish / Census / 1921
 Record No.Fam No.Plot No.NameSexAgeBorn YearBorn PlaceMarital StatusPlace Namehousehold PositionProfession
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113y Julius Sørensen M391882TibirkeEnke(mand)HelsingeHusfaderGaardejer
213y *** Log in to view this name *** K101911AnnisseUgiftHelsingeBarn 
313y *** Log in to view this name *** K61915HelsingeUgiftHelsingeBarn 
413y Johanne Larsen K281893AnnisseUgiftHelsingeTyendeHusbestyrerinde
513y Ricard Larsen M161905HelsingørUgiftHelsingeTyendeKarl
621k Sofie Nielsen K521869GlimUgiftHelsingeHusmoderFhv. Husbestyrerinde (Rentier)
721k Vera Nielsen K141907KøbenhavnUgiftHelsingeBarn (Plejebarn) 
831n Christian Jensen M411880HelsingeGiftHelsingeHusfaderSkrædermester
931n Margrethe Jensen K391882AnnisseGiftHelsingeHusmoder 
1031n Bertha Jensen K151906HelsingeUgiftHelsingeBarn 
1131n Ejner Jensen M131908HelsingeUgiftHelsingeBarn 
1231n *** Log in to view this name *** M111910HelsingeUgiftHelsingeBarn 
1331n *** Log in to view this name *** M61915HelsingeUgiftHelsingeBarn 
1441l Anders P. Petersen M311890VejbyGiftHelsingeHusfaderLandpostbud
1541l Marie Petersen K271894StenløseGiftHelsingeHusmoder 
1641l *** Log in to view this name *** M21919HelsingeUgiftHelsingeBarn 
17513b Christen Christensen M441877VejbyGiftHelsingeHusfaderHusejer. Kusk
18513b Agnes Christensen K361885HolebyGiftHelsingeHusmoder 
19513b Johanne Christensen K131908KøbenhavnUgiftHelsingeBarn 
20513b *** Log in to view this name *** K111910KøbenhavnUgiftHelsingeBarn 
Hvem boede i Helsinge parish i 1921: Julius Sørensen, *** Log in to view this name ***, *** Log in to view this name ***, Johanne Larsen, Ricard Larsen, Sofie Nielsen, Vera Nielsen, Christian Jensen, Margrethe Jensen, Bertha Jensen, Ejner Jensen, *** Log in to view this name ***, *** Log in to view this name ***, Anders P. Petersen, Marie Petersen, *** Log in to view this name ***, Christen Christensen, Agnes Christensen, Johanne Christensen, *** Log in to view this name *** og mange andre personer