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Overview / København / Smørum / Herstedvester parish / Census / 1916
 Family No.Plot. no.PlacenameNo. of PeoplePerson 1Person 2
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16 Risby4Hans MarkussenMaren Kirstine Markussen
17 Risby Mark4Anders HansenKaren Hansen
18 Risby Mark2Jørgen NielsenThorvald Nielsen
19 Risby Mark6Jens JensenAnne Jensen
20 Risby Mark3Carl WardahlAnsigne Wardahl
21 Risby Mark2Ole PetersenKaren Petersen
22 Risby Mark5Christian JachobsenVilhelmine Jachobsen
23 Risby Mark5Magrete OlsenOle Olsen
24 Risby Mark6Jes IversenAnna Iversen
25 Risby Mark5Hans HansenThyra Hansen
26 Risby Mark4Niels JensenAnna Jensen
27 Risby Mark7Johannes JohansenJørgine Johansen
28 Risby3Niels Peter NielsenKaren Marie Nielsen
29 Risby3Jens AndersenAne Andersen
31 Risby4Christian PetersenKirstine Petersen
32 Risby4Jens JørgensenAne Jørgensen
33 Risby2Thomas KrullSusanne Kursave
34 Risby2Jens Peter HansenIngeborg Hansen
35 Risby8Christen AndersenEmil Andersen
36 Risby5Hans Jensen*** Log ind for at se navnet ***
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