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Overview / København / Smørum / Herstedvester parish / Census / 1916
 Family No.Plot. no.PlacenameNo. of PeoplePerson 1Person 2
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122F1 Herstedvester Mark7Lauritz PlambeckJohanne Plambeck
122F2 Herstedvester Mark7Lars Peter JørgensenAne Kistine Jørgensen
122F3 Herstedvester Mark5Lars Hansen AndersenAstri Andersen
126F1 Herstedvester Mark5Niels Ditlev JensenAne Jensen
126F2 Herstedvester Mark2Jørgen PetersenKaren Sofie Petersen
38F1 Risby2Niels AndersenMette Andersen
38F2 Risby3Gustav JensenKarla Jensen
48F1 Risby2Niels IsraelsenAne Israelsen
48F2 Risby5Jens IsraelsenLaura Marie Israelsen
1 Risby9Hans E. O.V. NielsenBirthe Kirstine Nielsen
2 Risby3Lars Peter AlbretsenFrantssine Albretsen
3 Risby6Karen Kerstine LarsenLaurits C. M. Larsen
5 Risby3Rasmus PetersenKirstine Petersen
6 Risby10Hans Peter NielsenAnna Bertha Nielsen
8 Risby7Alfred DannesboeMarie Dannesbo
9 Risby3Hans Rasmus RasmussenKetty Margrete Rasmussen
12 Risby3Jens Christian HansenKaren Hansen
13 Risby4Niels RasmussenJensine Elisabet Rasmussen
14 Risby9Christen Mortensen AutrupJenny Hansine Autrup
15 Risby10Jens Peter JensenAne Marie Jensen
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