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Overview / Frederiksborg / Holbo / Valby parish / Census / 1911
 Family No.Plot. no.PlacenameNo. of PeoplePerson 1Person 2
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12, SkolenValby2Frederik NielsenOlga Jensen
235Valby4Niels AndersenJohanne Andersen
335Valby3Hans LarsenLars Poulsen
439Valby2Carl August RoseJørgine Hansine Margr. Nielsen
537Valby3Lars Peter AndersenMargrethe Oline Andersen
636Valby3Hanne JeppesenKarl Jeppesen
753Valby4Hans Bernhard HansenLaura Oline Hansen
810bValby3Hans Jakob PetersenAne Margrethe Petersen
947Valby2Karen HansenNiels Hansen
1052Valby7Søren Jens LarsenAugusta Larsen
1152Valby3Hans Peter JensenNicoline Hansine Jensen
124Valby2Niels HansenBirta Kirstine Jørgensen
133aValby3Hans Peter OlsenAne Larsine Olsen
143eValby6Niels JørgensenChristina Thora Jørgensen
153kValby7Hans PedersenOline Pedersen
161dValby6Niels P. LarsenKaren Jensine Larsen
171dValby2Larsine LarsenJohanne Larsen
181aValby4Niels Peter HansenAnna Hansen
197aValby6Børge MadsenKaren Margrethe Madsen
2017dValby3Peder AndersenOline Nielsine Larsen
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