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Overview / Ringkøbing / Vandfuld / Trans parish / Census / 1911
 Record No.Fam No.Plot No.NameSexAgeBorn YearBorn PlaceMarital StatusPlace Namehousehold PositionProfession
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1131d Alexander Kjær M351876Dybe [sogn], Ringjøbing A. [Amt]Gift HusfaderLandmand
2131d Maren Kjær K311880Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Gift Husmoder[Landmand]
3131d Esna Kjær K31907Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Barn 
4131d *** Log in to view this name *** K01910Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Barn 
5131d Matilda Madsen K131897Fjaltring [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift TjenestepigeTjenestepige
6131d Viggo Jensen M151895Fjaltring [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Tjenestekarl[Landmand]
7220b Mads Nederby Madsen M521858Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Gift HusfaderLandmand
8220b Else Madsen K431867Mors [Thisted Amt]Gift Husmoder[Landmand]
9220b Laura Madsen K121898Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Barn 
10220b Emma Madsen K101900Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Barn 
11220b Axsel Madsen M51905Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Barn 
12220b Otto Madsen M21908Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Barn 
13220b *** Log in to view this name *** K01910Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Barn 
14318 Marinus Madsen M211889Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift HusfaderLandmand
15318 Frederik Madsen M171894Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Tjenestekarl[Landmand]
16424 Ove Jespersen M561854Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Gift HusfaderFisker
17424 Ane Marie Jespersen K531857Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Gift Husmoder[Fisker]
18522a Karoline Kristensen K551855Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Enke(mand) HusmoderLandbruger
19522a Kristen Kristensen M201890Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Barn[Landbruger]
20522a Agnete Kristensen K231887Trans [sogn, Ringkøbing Amt]Ugift Barn 
Hvem boede i Trans parish i 1911: Alexander Kjær, Maren Kjær, Esna Kjær, *** Log in to view this name ***, Matilda Madsen, Viggo Jensen, Mads Nederby Madsen, Else Madsen, Laura Madsen, Emma Madsen, Axsel Madsen, Otto Madsen, *** Log in to view this name ***, Marinus Madsen, Frederik Madsen, Ove Jespersen, Ane Marie Jespersen, Karoline Kristensen, Kristen Kristensen, Agnete Kristensen og mange andre personer