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Overview / Odense / Båg / Skydebjerg parish / Census / 1906
 Family No.Plot. no.PlacenameNo. of PeoplePerson 1Person 2
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1Mat NSkydebjerg6Johannes ChristoffersenKaren Christoffersen
1Villa "Frix ?", 38 o?Stationsbyen Aarup6Svenning Antonius Svanholm NielsenSiegfrida Adolphine Svanholm Nielsen
1Ellegaard Matr 15aSkydebjerg7Jørgen LundeDorthe L. Lunde
1Gavnbygaard 19 aGavnby By Og Mark M. M.13Jens Peder NielsenKaren Berthine Marie født Jensen
2Gavnsby 20 aGavnby By Og Mark M. M.9Mads JensenMarie Kirstine Jensen
2Matr 58bSkydebjerg2Hans Chr Øllegaard ChristensenMaren Christensen
238 t m.m.Stationsbyen Aarup6Niels JacobsenSødde ? Jacobsen
2Mat NSkydebjerg2Jens Frederik Ludvig HittrupFanny Marie Hittrup
3Mat NSkydebjerg2Adolf NielsenKaren M. Lulsen
357 nStationsbyen Aarup7Jens Theodor BrahtzInger Marie Brahtz
3Matr 30aSkydebjerg3Jørgen LarsenKaren Marie Larsen
3Gavnby Mark 3 ?Gavnby By Og Mark M. M.4Johan Peder Larsen EllekjærMaren Johanne Rasmusen
438 j ?Stationsbyen Aarup2Anna RasmussenOlaf Møller
4Mat NSkydebjerg3Hans J. PedersenKristiane Pedersen
4##?## 19##?##Gavnby By Og Mark M. M.3Karen MadsenAne Marie Madsen
5##?## 19##?##Gavnby By Og Mark M. M.6Peder JørgensenAne Kirstine Jørgensen
5Mat NSkydebjerg2Lars MortensenStine Mortensen
51. Holmelund 6 FStationsbyen Aarup6Jens LaustsenKaroline Amalie Laustsen
6Matr 31bSkydebjerg4Anders Christian HansenMaren Hansen
6Mat NSkydebjerg3Chr. NielsenKaren K. Nielsen
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