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Overview / Thisted / Refs / Boddum parish / Census / 1906
 Family No.Plot. no.PlacenameNo. of PeoplePerson 1Person 2
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6N Boddum3Niels Peter AndersenMaren Pedersen
1Boddum Præstegaard Matrikel 2aBoddum12Anders LundbyeKirstine Jensen
1Boddum HovgaardBoddum7Kristian RiisElse Kirstine Riis
1Boddum 14a, 24aBoddum10Mads Kristian NielsenBarbara Dam
1Boddum GaardBoddum7Anders AndersenMette Magrethe Bech
1Skinhøj, BoddumBoddum9Andreas JensenAne Jensen
2HusBoddum7Mariane NielsenKlaus Kr. Nielsen
2Ny Boddumbisgaard matrikel nummer 4aBoddum10Jens Chr. PedersenKjerstine Pedersen
2BoddumbisgaardBoddum20Peder VilladsenNiels Laurits Bruhn
3BoddumBoddum19Peder Enevold JensenHanne Marie Madsen
313aBoddum5Peder OdgaardDorthe Nielsen
3HusBoddum16Jens Kr. KristensenMette Johanne Kristensen
4HusBoddum5Nikoline PedersenBodil Kirstine Pedersen
4BoddumBoddum10Niels Slej JensenKaren Madsen
47fBoddum2Niels JensenKaren Jensen
57GBoddum4Kristian JensenMaren Jensen
5BoddumBoddum16Jens KristensenKristen Klausen
5GaardBoddum12Kristian Nikolai PedersenDorthea Pedersen
6GaardBoddum18Ida KristensenAnders Kr. Kristensen
6BoddumBoddum18Ingvard GraversenAugust Graversen
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