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Overview / Thisted / Hassing / Skyum parish / Census / 1880
 Family No.Plot. no.PlacenameNo. of PeoplePerson 1Person 2
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100 (9)en gaardSkyum Sogn4Kristen Pejtersen KristensenGjertrud Mortensen
101 (10)en gaard DybdalSkyum Sogn5Frederik Karl Kristian SalomonsenDorthe Mortensen
102 (11)en gaardSkyum Sogn6Peder Kristian NikolajsenAne Ringgaard
103 (12)en gaardSkyum Sogn2Kristen Nielsen SøKaren Kristensen
104 (13) Fet husSkyum Sogn11Jens JensenJohanne Ringgaard
105 (14)et husSkyum Sogn6Peder KristensenGjertrud Olesen
106 (15)et husSkyum Sogn4Jens MadsenKirsten Jensen
107 (1)et husSkyum Sogn6Jens Peter VilladsenElse Kristine Overgaard
108 (2)et husSkyum Sogn6Niels JensenElse Jensen
109 (3)et husSkyum Sogn3Søren Jensen FruergaardKirsten Kathrine Andersen
11 F1FattighusetSkyum By3Jens PedersenMætte Jensdatter
11 F2FattighusetSkyum By7Niels KlemmesenInger Kristensen
110 (4)et husSkyum Sogn8Kirsten KristensenPeder Kristensen
111 (5)et husSkyum Sogn3Johannes TorstedNiels Torsted
112 (1)SkolenSkyum By og Sogn8Niels Ludvig Kristian Bendsen JensenAne Nielsen
113 (2)et husSkyum By og Sogn4Kristen NielsenAne Margrethe Poulsdatter
114 (3)en gaardSkyum By og Sogn6Peder Kristensen KrabbeAne Jensen
115 (4)en gaardSkyum By og Sogn6Kristen Bak KristensenMaren Kristine Kristensen
116 (5)en gaardSkyum Sogn3Jens TomsenAne Kirstine Poulsen
117 (6)en gaardSkyum Sogn7Lars MadsenAne Andersen
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