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Overview / Dansk Vestindiske Øer / Sct. Croix / Frederiksted / Census / 1870
 Record No.Fam No.Plot No.NameSexAgeBorn YearBorn PlaceMarital StatusPlace Namehousehold PositionProfession
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111 R. J. Robinson M561814St. CroixGift1 Merchant
111 Sarah E. Sheeb K411829St. CroixUgift1 Seamstress
111 Anthon Werner ?? M531817Denmark, Thirstrup I JyllandGiftFrederiksfort Capitain og ??
111 P. Wedersø M521818Denmark 1 Baker
111 Alex Henderson M261844St. CroixUgift2 A B C Police
211 Anne Eliza Bedlow K231847St. CroixUgift2 A B C Seamstress
211 David Rogers M171853St. Croix 1 Servant
211 Jane Maria Antoniette K311839Denmark, LindumGiftFrederiksfort  
211 Susanne P. Smith K401830St. Croix 1 Seamstress
211 Josephine Robinson K351835St. CroixGift1  
311 Robert Alex Robinson M61864St. CroixUgift1  
311 Madelane Harton K261844St. CroixUgift1 Seamstress
311 Annie Hedvig Ernestine K71863St. CroixUgiftFrederiksfort  
311 ?? Thomas K171853St. Croix 1 Servant
311 Alexdra Ely Hendriksen K21868St. CroixUgift2 A B C  
411 Louisa Hendriksen K11869St. CroixUgift2 A B C  
421 Jane O'Farrel K721798St. CroixUgift?? Pedler
411 Ann Eliza Hope K151855St. CroixUgift1 Scholar
411 Annie Elisabeth Joseph K601810?? Frederiksfort Tjeneste tyende
411 Anna Christiansen K141856St. CroixUgift1Their servantTheir servant
Hvem boede i Frederiksted i 1870: R. J. Robinson, Sarah E. Sheeb, Anthon Werner ??, P. Wedersø, Alex Henderson, Anne Eliza Bedlow, David Rogers, Jane Maria Antoniette, Susanne P. Smith, Josephine Robinson, Robert Alex Robinson, Madelane Harton, Annie Hedvig Ernestine, ?? Thomas, Alexdra Ely Hendriksen, Louisa Hendriksen, Jane O'Farrel, Ann Eliza Hope, Annie Elisabeth Joseph, Anna Christiansen og mange andre personer