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Overview / Dansk Vestindiske Øer / Sct. Croix / Christiansted / Census / 1870
 Record No.Fam No.Plot No.NameSexAgeBorn YearBorn PlaceMarital StatusPlace Namehousehold PositionProfession
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113 Arenissa Hnagelburg K391831St. CroixUgift1 Washer
114 Elizabeth Martin K641806St. CroixUgift2 Washer
114 H P Petersen M361834DanmarkGiftProtestant Quay Head pilot
119 Joseph Hall M291841St. CroixGift1 Fisherman
1129 Adolph Jonas Boye M471823DanmarkGiftMilitary Barracks Pr. Leutenant
116 Adriane E Hoffman K741796St. Croix 1.2.3. A Pensioner of poor fund
118 George Adams M511819St. CroixGift1a Fisher
1111 Edward Abbot M551815St. CroixUgift1A Tailor
113 Adrian Meyer M381832St. CroixGift1 Capitalist
114 James Simmersill M491821St LuciaGift1 A Missionary
113 Sarah E Manuel K671803JerseyUgift1 Washer
111 Ribecca Reed K521818St. CroixUgift1  
113 Caroline Cooper K401830St. CroixUgift1 Pensioner ,nothing
117 Oscar A Krause M261844St. CroixUgift4 soeretasy
115 Maria E Mintru K691801St. CroixUgift1 Seamstress
113 Margret Dericks K281842 Ugift1 Washer
115 I I Lund M631807FlensburgGift2.3.4. Merchant
111 Eliza Gordon K461824St. CroixUgift1 & 2 Sellers
112 Poulis Parrison M471823St. CroixGift1 A Porter
111 T E Mendes M511819St. CroixUgift1A Merchant
Hvem boede i Christiansted i 1870: Arenissa Hnagelburg, Elizabeth Martin, H P Petersen, Joseph Hall, Adolph Jonas Boye, Adriane E Hoffman, George Adams, Edward Abbot, Adrian Meyer, James Simmersill, Sarah E Manuel, Ribecca Reed, Caroline Cooper, Oscar A Krause, Maria E Mintru, Margret Dericks, I I Lund, Eliza Gordon, Poulis Parrison, T E Mendes og mange andre personer