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Overview/Åbenrå/Rise/Åbenrå parish/Churchbooks
Churchbooks in Åbenrå parish
  From YearTo YearSource TypesDescriptionStatusNo. PagesIdentified PagesRecorded Entries  
16311672Born, Marriage, Dead Open12400
16731716Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead Open24700
17171746Born, Marriage, Dead Open26981
17471782Born, Marriage, Dead Open63441
17821831Marriage, Dead Open66033
17821831Born, Confirmation Open6775110
18211874Dead Open7191711
18301871Confirmation Open35400
18311864Born Open7357322
18311874Marriage Open357197
18321877Confirmation Open17600
18581882Born Open3543541
18751901Marriage Open28400
18751907Dead Open67455
18781913Confirmation Open28200
18831916Born Open38338311
18891907Dead Open2892890
19021944Marriage Open1481480
19021944Marriage Open1351350
19051925Confirmation Open1381380
19051944Born Open2352350
19091922Born Open2412410
19091934Dead Open2302300
19161944Born Open2992991
19231944Born Open5315316
19351962Dead Open2712710
19361979Born, Marriage, Dead Open56560
19451946Born, Marriage, Dead Open95950
19451951Born Open4224220
19491971Marriage Open1931930
19511959Born Open4774773
19531970Confirmation Open84840
19601967Born Open65650
19631965Dead Open1271270
19661975Dead Open1721720
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