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""Minesprængt i Farvandet Syd for Knudshoved. Fundet paa strandbredden ved Ovebyskoven, Vordingborg Kommune." 2 maj 1943 dødsdag, 10 juni 1943 findedag - Vejle Sct.Nicolai Sogn"
Church book 1943
The dark side of Denmark
Double murderer Rasmus Pedersen Mørke
When Rasmus Pedersen Mørke in 1881 was executed by ax.
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Danish Family Search is a FREE web site where you can find your Danish Ancestors. Search in Danish Churchbooks and Census data. genealogy search, genealogy research, danish genealogy, family genealogy, family search How to Find Information for Danish Ancestors? Well, that can be a bit tricky. That's why you can now use Danish Family Search to find your Danish Ancestors and relatives. The web site is dedicated to helping people throughout the world learn how to find their danish ancestors. We believe the most important part of any family is to keep track on your ancestors. This web site will help in locating Danish records of genealogical value, especially in churchbooks and census data. So what do Danish Family Search have available: 1. Parish registers and population censuses since 1769. 2. Churchbooks from all of Denmark. 3. Super search facility where you can search on both churchdata and census data in the same go. 4. Statistics on parish through time. Remember that the Danish name for county is Amt, the name for hundred is Herred and the name for Parish is Sogn. Danish Family Search is not accociated with the American FamilySearch in any way.